More Spring Landscape Ideas

With more snow expected, most of us will be huddled up indoors wondering if Spring is actually here or not.  The inclement weather does offer a great opportunity to contemplate future landscape projects however.  Here are a few projects and ideas that can improve the vibrance and function of your landscape.

For those of you that missed out on planting Fall Bulbs for Spring color, here are a few that can be planted now for summer blooms: Caladiums, Calla Lilies, Canna Lilies, and Dahlias.

How about improving your walkway or adding a new patio?  From sharp, clean lines to natural winding pathways, new hardscape material can really add a fresh look to any landscape.

Getting a jump on landscape projects now means you’ll be able to enjoy them this summer.  Outdoor living spaces are a wonderful way to enjoy summer evenings outside.  Dining and Kitchen areas make cooking outside fun and convenient.  Gathering spaces like courtyards or fire pits make great places for relaxing and entertaining.  The addition of a pergola can provide shade for homeowners and create vertical plant habitat as well.  Call one of our landscape design experts and discuss landscape renovations today!  303-721-9003 or email:

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