Landscape Maintenance for Fall

Landscape maintenance in Colorado is really important this time of year.  Here at Designscapes Colorado we have put together a quick and easy guide to fall maintenance.  Plants are preparing to go dormant for the winter and are loosing their leaves.  That means clean-up time folks!  

Two key practices to keep in mind here are removing leaves, and pruning trees/shrubs.  A thick, matted layer of leaves can deprive grasses and shrubs of sunlight.  Lawns also need to breath during the winter and fall leaves can smother grass when left on top. Pruning in the fall is essential for promoting growth in the spring.  Cutting back flower/shrub beds and adding mulch will help protect plants from winter freeze.

Lawn care is also important in the fall.  First, keeping your lawn short and trimmed will help prevent the build up of dead grass, which can smother new growth in the spring.  

Lawn aeration in Denver is recommended this time of year as well.  Aeration helps to reduce soil compaction and allows water/fertilizer to reach the root zone of the lawn.  

Fall is definitely the best time to fertilize your lawn, as it has endured the long summer and needs nutrients to replenish.  Your lawn will thank you in the spring!

Winterizing your sprinkler system is paramount to prevent the cracking and breaking of pipes due to freezing.  This service will shut off your irrigation system and remove any remaining water in those pipes.

Fall is also a wonderful time to contemplate design changes for your landscape. Maybe you’ve enjoyed a friends’ outdoor living space, or just have some landscape ideas you’ve been putting off.  Here at Designscapes Colorado, we are leaders in designing and installing Colorado outdoor living spaces.  What about adding a fireplace to your landscape?  The colder months ahead shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the outdoors!  

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