Landscape Improvements Return on Your Investment

Here in Colorado we are looking at drought conditions this summer and you may be wondering if landscape improvements are really worth it this year.  Here are some points that address this issue thanks to ALCC’s Tip of the Week Blog.

Dollars and Cents.  Landscaping can add as much as 15% to the resale value of a home or building and speed up the sale as much as 6 weeks!  On the other hand, homes with poor landscapes sell 8-10% below equivalent homes with updated landscaping.

Energy Savings.  Water and maintenance used to keep landscapes healthy don’t just go down the drain.  One average tree absorbs 26 lbs. of carbon dioxide from the air each year.  That is enough to negate 11,000 miles of car emissions!  Lawns act as a filter to purify water passing through the root zone.  The front lawns of just eight houses provide the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning.  That’s amazing when you consider that the AC unit at the average home has a 3 or 4-ton capacity.

Environmental Implications.  Carefully selected and placed trees around a home can cut energy costs as much as 25%.  Shading the AC unit can increase its effectiveness 10%.  Planting ground covers, shrubs and lawns reduces heat reflected off the ground and onto walls and windows.  That helps cool the interior of your home, which saves you energy dollars.

Yes, 2013 will be a year to conserve resources and follow smart landscape practices.  It’s also a time to appreciate the importance of landscapes in terms of cost savings and environmental impact.  Call us at Designscapes Colorado today and speak with one of our designers about smart landscape improvements.  303-721-9003

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