Keep Calm and Drive On Belleview Avenue

Our Commercial Construction Team and the City of Greenwood Village will give Belleview Avenue's Medians a 21st century makeover.

Belleview Avenue Median Construction
Commercial construction crew in the demo phase of Belleview Avenue's Median Improvements pre-COVID19.

In the City of Greenwood Village, Belleview Avenue is a hub for many homeowners and local businesses. The drive west on Belleview from I-25 has a gorgeous picture of the Rocky Mountains, but in the immediate view, the street is aligned with sad, old and dilapidated street medians. The goal of the Belleview Avenue Median Improvements is to modernize 20-year-old medians to match the polished aesthetic of Greenwood Village.

Construction on Belleview Avenue, Greenwood Village
Crew members working to demolish medians on Belleview pre-COVID19.

The project scope includes demolition, soil import, irrigation installation and landscape renovations. The existing conditions of the site includes limited plant material that has died over time or plant material that was removed and never replaced. The irrigation system is outdated and contains many parts that are broken or have malfunctioned. 

The new medians will be of visual interest and include fresh, low-maintenance plant material, large trees, cobble edging and decorative concrete curbing; but drivers, remember to stay focused on the road. This project is in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and is set to be completed by mid-July. We appreciate everyone's patience, cooperation and understanding as we complete this project.

Night construction on Belleview Avenue
Crew performs construction operations well into the late-night hours pre-COVID19.
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