How to make a Bird Feeder form a Gourd

Making a bird feeder from a gourd is a fun and easy seasonal activity that the Designscapes Colorado team would like to share with you.  To make a bowl feeder, first cut a gourd in two halves, making one piece slightly larger than the other.  Scrape out the innards and drill 4 equidistant holes an inch below the rim of the larger piece.  insert two dowels through the holes, leaving extended length on each side for perches.  Next wrap wires around the dowels and twist together forming a hook.  Fill the gourd with birdseed, hang, and watch for birds!

To make a doughnut shaped feeder, slice the remaining half of the gourd into 1/2″ slices.  Smear one side with peanut butter and dip into birdseed.  Next take a wire and poke it through the slice to make a hanger and hang it up.

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