Holiday Lighting, Why Hire a Professional?

Why should I hire a professional to install landscape lighting this holiday season?  This is a question you may be asking yourself as the traditional holiday season draws near.  There a few reasons why home owners should take advantage of a professionals expertise.  Convenience, safety, and impressiveness are three important reasons we’ll discuss today.

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of having a professional install your landscape lighting is that you simply don’t have to do it yourself! Installing a complete landscape lighting design can be a long, tedious task.  You may also wind up sacrificing your weekends and your back for a display that still doesn’t look as good as a professional, and may not be safe or last as long. Why not save your back, time, and enjoy your weekends, knowing that you will have an amazing lighting display once its installed.

One of the most important factors is a professional’s knowledge of how to install all of the lighting safely without overloading circuits or transformers.  Most landscape lighting displays done by consumers will use a single tap transformer.  However, a multi-tap transformer is better choice if you are going to use a lot of lights or bright lights.  These transformers prevent voltage drop, which occurs when there are several lights on one strand, or when a light is far away from the transformer, causing the actual voltage output to drop by the time it reaches the light.  Multi-tap transformers are generally only offered with professional grade systems, and should always be installed by a professional contractor who understands them.  A landscape lighting professional will also have tools that most consumers do not, such as voltmeters and amp meters.  They will also know how to bury cables and will use waterproof splice connections.

Professionals provide higher quality lighting fixtures that will last much longer and withstand weather.  This means professionals have the knowledge and gear to make your lighting display really stand out this holiday season! Call 303 721-9003 to speak with one of our designers about holiday lighting solutions today!



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