Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardners

With the Holiday shopping season upon us, there are some great gift ideas for gardeners!

On Monday, Bertha Lynn ( and I are going to share a few of these gift ideas:

Indoor Mushroom Kits – Enjoy watching delicious organic mushrooms grow in your own home. These kits are easy to set up and come in a wide verity of mushrooms that you would find in fine restaurants. (

Easy Bloom – This device monitors soil, water, and air conditions, which can be uploaded to your computer.  This gardening assistant is quite handy, as it allows you to make plant choices based on site conditions. (

Tools/Gloves – Gardeners can’t ave too many, and they come in wide variety of styles for different uses.  Tools simply help get the job done.  Your buying considerations can be based on specific tasks, durability, practicality, or colors.

Containers – The variety here is endless!  From Planting pots to watering cans, gardeners use many different types of containers.

Artistic – Bird houses, metal/ceramic globes, sculpture/figurines, signs, and step stones are just a few items that can add a personal touch to any yard.

Weather – Digital weather stations, thermometers, rain gauges, and wind meters are great for those who enjoy monitoring the ever changing Colorado weather.

Have fun shopping, and Happy Holidays from all of us at Designscapes Colorado!

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