Holiday Decoration

Thanksgiving is approaching, which marks the beginning of the holiday winter season.  Bertha Lynn ( and I would like to share a few plant species with you that work well for holiday decorating.

Cuttings from these species will really add to your holiday decor.  Red Twig Dogwoods are great for their dramatic natural color.  Of course you have to have some rich greens to go with the red of the Dogwood.  Evergreens such as Junipers, Arborvitae, Spruce, and Pine branches provide green foliate and fresh, aromatic scents.  Holly is a traditional piece which should be included as well.  Ornamental grasses still have appeal, and contrast nicely with their wispy texture and golden color.  Other species to consider are Mahonia Repens with it’s Holly like texture and appearance, and Hawthorns, which have appeal indoors and out.

Why not give the gift of blooming plants this year?  There are a few common plants that are typically given during the holidays.  Poinsettias are a very traditional, and don’t require much maintenance.  Christmas Cactus’ like bright light, but can stand cooler temperatures.  Norfolk Island Pines are similar in that respect, and really have a great texture to them.   Kalanchoe and Amaryllis have colorful displays, which will brighten up anyone’s day.  Christmas peppers are colorful and fun, but are not recommended for eating.

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