Get your Herb Garden Going

Almost nothing can compare to a fresh summer meal with freshly picked herbs from the garden topping it. Fresh homegrown herbs are a great way to increase the taste of your food. Not only are herbs tasty but they can provide your body key nutrients that it needs. Growing herbs at home can be easily accomplished whether you live in an apartment in the city or a home. All you need is some small containers and some potting soil to get started.

When you begin herb gardening it is best to start with one type of plant such as Basil to learn how to care for your herbs. Basil is a good starting herb because you can see the effects of your care habits very quickly. Basil wilts quickly when it is not tended to with water, but will come back to life easily once it is hydrated. Once you have chosen which herb you would like to start with you will have to choose to either start from seed or seedling. We recommend that you start from a seedling so that you don’t have to be worried about washing out the seed when watering it.

Herbs and houseplants are very different animals and should be treated so. You want to water your herbs very moderately every day. You can check the soil with your index finger by placing your index finger in the soil up to your knuckle and feeling for moisture. When you first attempt to trim your basil, you will want to trim it 3-4” above the soil. At this height, a trim will help the plant to grow more leaves and will help it to become a sturdier plant.

Many people make big mistakes when they are picking basil leaves for the first time. It would seem only natural to pick the biggest leaves that are at the bottom and to let the other, smaller leaves continue to grow. However, this is wrong! The leaves that are larger and located at the bottom of the basil plant are the plant’s growing leaves. These large leaves take in the most sunlight and help the plant get nourishment. By plucking off these leaves you are leaving the plant weaker and it will be less likely to grow more leaves.

Herb gardening is an easy and fun way to introduce yourself to the world of gardening. Herb gardening is not only good for your health but your self-esteem. Taking tender care of plants, seeing them flourish, and reaping the delicious benefits is a great reward.

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