Gardening Trends for 2013

Fed up with the stress and complexities of modern life and more accepting of the current economic conditions, trend setters ahve dubbed 2013 “The Year of Bliss”. 

Gardening Trends for 2013

Watch Bertha Lynn ( and I on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 11:30 am as I review how people are searching for new ways to be happy!  This year then will find expression in bright colors, nature inspired products and hands-on experiences. 

Some of the trends for 2013 are:

1.  FORAGING/SUSTAINABILITY – More consumers are connecting with the “grow your own produce” trend

2.  BACKYARD GAMES – As an extension to the outdoor living spaces popularity, backyard games are very popular such as lawn bowling, croquet and bocce ball.

3.  BRIGHT COLORS – Bright yellow, pink, green and blues are “hot colors” for 2013.  These will be used in flower colors and planters, for example.

4.  METALLICS – Gold, Silver and other reflective metal pots, planters and objects will be incorporated in landscapes.

5.  HOUSEPLANTS/TROPICALS – Becoming very popular again as their health benefits contribute to the overall “wellness” lifestyle.

6.  FRUIT & VEGETABLES IN CONTAINERS – Incorporation of fruits, vegetables and herbs along your seasonal color will be popular in 2013.

7.  URBAN MEADOWS – Look for beautiful spaces of flowers and plantings among the urban corridors.

8.  VERTICAL GARDENING/ECO WALLS – These panels and walls are works of art in themselves.  Succulents have made beautiful displays of vertical plantings.

9.  TECHNOLOGY – There are so many apps now for smart phones that gardening and landscapers are using now. 

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