Game Plan “ Sustainable Landscape”


As the population increases people use more resources and generate more waste which consequently leads to legal restriction being enforced on landscape design and maintenance.  Having the ability to define the indefinite behavior for environmental quality, restoration habits, and energy efficiency is key to sustainability development.

Sustainable landscapes contribute to the development of a healthy community by being responsive to the environment.  The sustainable process should encapsulate functionality, maintainability, being environmentally sound while exercising cost efficiency accented with visual beauty.  This process can only be properly developed as one action coordinates with the next.

The core principles for sustainability consist of conserving water and treating it as a valuable resource, soil evaluation to ensure over compaction does not restrict the growth of plants and cause run off that could expedite the erosion process, preservation of native plants, conserving resources by purchasing materials locally, and reusing/recycling construction waste.


Here are a few ideas that could help:



Create rain gardens, green roofs and bioswales for water absorbency that will protect the hydrologic cycle and restores groundwater.






  • Utilize long living native or non-invasive plants as the central factor of your landscaping.
  • For a more resilient habitat providing bio-diverse plantings can bring volatility to our landscape.
  • Moving mulch to recycle grass clippings.
  • Regular soil testing to determine fertility programs.
  • Use organic fertilizers that support biologically active soils.

Always remember the key to cultivating a sustainable landscape is to acknowledge we are working with and not against nature.  Our landscapes have a huge impact on our environment and the steps we utilize to maintain it can be detrimental if proper practices are not performed.

Plant strategically, fertilize organically, water wisely, prune strategically and utilize alternate fuel sources whenever possible to prevent the pollution caused by fossil fuel consuming power tools.

The State of Colorado Environmental Preferable Policy released “Greener Government Starts Here” in July 1, 2010 outlining the benefits and goals of green procurement with specific sustainability strategies.  Their core purpose is to “strengthen environmental outcomes through purchasing decisions that cause less pollution and waste, minimize toxicity to humans, conserve resources and habitats, minimize local and global climate impact, and contribute to sustainable economic growth within the State of Colorado.”

We should all become an active part of preserving the world we live in by promoting economic growth and development.  Become part of the solution, contact the Designscapes Colorado Team at to assist you with your needed participation.

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