Flowering Plants for Mother’s Day

Give mom plants for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is traditionally when we give mom flowers and giving her planted ones means she can enjoy them all season long. And remember that veggies and herbs are another good choice because they put garden-fresh edibles in mom’s kitchen, too.

Grab and go plants
If you want a quick-stop shopping trip where you can pick up seasonal color that’s already planted, look for hanging baskets or containers. Garden centers have all kinds of varieties from one-color baskets with one type of plant to baskets with assorted plants – and even veggies. Expect to see tomatoes like Tumbling Tom planted in baskets this year.

Containers are another ready-to-go option that will bring months of enjoyment on mom’s porch or patio. Select plants in mom’s favorite colors or that match the color scheme on her patio. And remember to select plants that work best with the amount of sun or shade of the porch or patio. If there is intense sun – or mostly shade – through most of the day, it’s important to select plants that thrive in those conditions. Plants won’t thrive without the amount of light they need.

New sun-loving plants in 2014 are:
• Gerbera Patio YellowPetunia
• Crazytunia Cherry Cheesecake. Did you know that petunias are a lower-water annual which makes them a more sustainable flower choice? Even though we have plenty of water in most of the state this year, we always need to be water-wise.
• Calibrachoa Aloha Hula Cherry
• Geranium Sarita Sunstar Red
• Dahlia Dreamy Kiss
Planting in shade
In older and more established neighborhoods, trees are creating more shade every year and there is not enough sun for many of our traditional annuals and perennials to thrive. In addition, there are patios on the north sides of buildings or located in other areas where there is simply more shade than sun. Successful gardeners look for shade-loving plants for these environments.

Here are two new varieties mom might enjoy if she needs shade-loving plants:
• Torenia Solarina Pink Veil
• Begonia Beaucoup Rose
Planting in small spaces
If mom doesn’t have space for plants to grow out – give her plants that grow up. With limited growing area, consider a vine such as Honeysuckle Peaches & Cream. It can grow up a fence – or be planted on a patio in a narrow container with a trellis.

Small spaces are also conducive to growing veggies and herbs in containers. And they can be grown vertically, too. By placing shelves next to a wall – or attaching them to a fence – plants can be lined up vertically and use very little floor space. To ensure adequate light for all the plants, place larger/wider plants like containers with tomatoes at the bottom of the stack and smaller plants such as herbs near the top.

WARNING: See the advisory about weekend weather
Monitor the weekend weather forecast as snow and frost/freeze can damage plants and sprinkler systems.

Spring snows may cause storm damage to trees and shrubs.
Bring annuals indoors, cover peonies with a cage and blanket.
Pick lilacs before the storm so you have some to enjoy.
If sprinklers are turned on, protect the backflow device with a blanked covered with a plastic garbage bag secured in place with duct tape.

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