Featured on Houzz - Our Favorite Flowering Tree and Tree for Small Spaces

Last month, our President and Landscape Architect, Phil Steinhauer spoke to Houzz along with other members of the landscape design community on 8 Trees Landscape Designers Love for Small Spaces and 10 Flowering Trees Landscape Architects and Designers Love. 

Our Favorite Tree for Small Spaces: The Columnar Norway Spruce

Here's why -  "It is a beautiful, narrow, fast-growing spruce with short, dark green needles," Steinhauer states to Houzz. It is known to withstand heavy snow loads better than most fastigiate evergreens." It also has the appearance of an Italian Cypress, which won't grow in colder climates. This tree is often used in Tuscan-style gardens in the Colorado climate. These trees are fairly easy to grow and prefer a sunny location. 

Our Favorite Flowering Tree: Easter Redbud
Here's why - "It has beautiful purplish-pink blooms that completely cover the tree in the spring. It has an attractive rich-green, heart-shaped leaf that makes it an interesting foliage tree as well", says Steinhauer. These plants work well next to patios and in courtyards because of their compact form. Redbuds are typically the first tree to bloom in early spring, which makes tulips and other bulbs a great companion plant or understory.

If you are looking to add a tree to your space this spring, consider adding one of our favorites or another one of the top-performing varieties recommended by the landscape designers in the articles above. Happy spring!
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