Fall Decorations

fall wreathsFall is right around the corner and there is no better time than the present to begin decorating for this festive and fun season. Outdoor decor and fall pots can really spruce up your home and give your entryway some curb appeal. Your decorations can begin at the entry of the drive with mailbox decorations and can extend all throughout your home. Fall wreaths and pots can add a special touch to the entry of your home.

In order to create the perfect fall look, a little planning can help you to achieve the look you want without creating a clutter-filled mess. Here at Designscapes Colorado we recommend that you stick with a natural look. Some plants that are good for decorating are: gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn, and curly willow branches.




Gourds: Place gourds in baskets, pots, planters, or on your front porch to create an interesting and colorful design.











Pumpkins: You can use pumpkins in a variety of ways. You can set out pumpkins just as pure decoration. You can also paint, carve, or use the pumpkins as planters for small bouquets of flowers. Many people like placing pumpkins that vary in size and shape on their front porch steps or on top of pots.



entry way














Indian Corn: Indian corn is a fun and festive way to welcome fall. Indian corn is full of beautiful rich colors and textures. Indian Corn is the perfect decoration for mailboxes, pots, planters, and doorways. You can vary the look of the corn by either using the whole plant of just the corn stalks.

mailbox decorationsindian corn










Each year Designscapes Colorado creates beautiful pot and planter combinations for the fall season. We also can create mailbox decorations, festive wreaths, and entryway decorations.

Contact Designscapes Colorado at: info@designscapes.org for more information.

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