England in Your Own Back Yard

Going to England might not be in the plans this year but creating a garden designed to signify its beautiful gardens and country sides are a “must have.” English gardens evoke a natural feeling of tranquility and romance while bringing out the aesthetic tone of your landscaping.  While the beauty appears as if you went through scores of work just simply planning an unplanned look may not be as difficult as it conveys.

Follow these Design Principles to create your own Cottage Utopia:

2Step I – Create

Create continuity within your garden by selecting three to four major colors.  Contrast your main colors with darker and lighter versions of your selected  color scheme.  Many people prefer garden borders or raised wall, though not necessarily required, they help define the design and encapsulate its beauty.  Utilize flowers that are common to old English gardens such as bush roses, delphiniums and foxglove for example. Be sure to use flowers that have long curving stems and fully blossom.

Step II – InvokeAntenucci Residence, 5E-4

You want to create an overall balanced look by grouping flowers by leafy and balance size. Do not group symmetrically by width and height.  In this step you can decide whether to use a raised wall, borders or leave it free flowing.  Either way is acceptable due to the balance and harmony within the bed will be determined by shapes of blooms, leaf size and textures.


3Step III – Accessorize

Most importantly create a focus point then add whimsy type elements to your garden.  Items such as gates, arbors, bird baths, and antique garden tools are commonly used. Keep pathways wide and cleared so you can place benches along the trail.



It is important to remember the principles of an English Cottage when creating your design.

Composition ~ Harmony ~ Balance ~ Proportion ~ Line ~ Rhythm ~ Color

What defines a Cottage Garden?

Structures ~ Walkways ~ Beds ~ Turfgrass ~ Hardscape Materials ~ Planting

Incorporating all these aspects to create your ideal garden is essential.  If you choose environmental appropriate plantings, these type of gardens can thrive in any climate. So let’s get motivated and start building the English Garden you always dreamed of having.

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