Easy Houseplants

Now that the weather is unfavorable for planting outdoors, we can turn our attention to planting design indoors.  House plants are a great way to improve the aesthetics and comfort of your home.  Caring for houseplants may seem a little intimidating at first, so we at Desigscapes Colorado would like to share some easy advice, and plant species for planting indoors.

Houseplants are really great for a number of reasons.  Most houseplants are relatively inexpensive, which compared to other forms of home improvement, really make an impact with out breaking the bank!  Houseplants soften hard edges and add diverse color to any room.  Some have fragrant scents, and since they are living creatures, they improve air quality by producing oxygen!

Growing happy, healthy plants indoors starts with selecting plants that are capable of surviving in diminished conditions.  Low light plants tend to require less water, need less fertilizer, and really will survive with less sunlight.  Potting and soil types are also important care factors for indoor plants.  Clay or terra cotta pots are a good choice because they breathe well and have a hole in the bottom so water can drain.  No matter what type of container you use, make sure it has a way for water to drain from the soil.  Over watering and saturation can cause the roots of house plants to rot.  Another helpful hint is to use water at room temperature to ensure that roots won’t be damaged.  For soil, use an indoor specific potting soil, not outdoor garden soil.  Indoor soils have nutrients that plants need, that they would otherwise get from being outdoors.

Now lets take a look at some plant species:

ZZ plant, Cast Iron Plant, Parlor Palm, Dragon Tree, Philodendron, Peace Lilly, Christmas Cactus, Rubber Plant, and Mother in Law’s Tongue all require low water and low light.  Jade Plants, Pothos, Ponytail Palm, and Spider Plants are great choices as well, but require more light and water.

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