Dividing Perennials

As we’re approaching the fall season, this is a great time to divide some of your perennials in your garden.  Dividing perennials is an easy, inexpensive, reliable way to propogate your garden favorites!

When do you need to divide? (Typically every 3 – 4 years)

  • The center of the plant is dying out
  • The plant is too big for the space it’s in
  • It blooms very little or not at all
  • If the plant is top heavy and it’s not supposed to have that trait
  • If you want to have more plants

In general, spring blooming perennials should be divided in the fall and fall blooming perennials should be done in the spring.

Tips for dividing:

  • Water the plants the day before you plan on dividing
  • Also, have the holes ready for where your new plants will be going (good time to add soil amendments)
  • Do the dividing on a cloudy or cooler day (to reduce plant stress)
  • Look for natural divisions or “crowns”
  • Be sure to dig up as many roots as possible
  • Use a good sharp tool that is clean
  • Plant the same depth as the original plant
  • Water after planting

Most plants enjoy being divided, however a few plants that don’t are: Butterfly Weed, Baby’s Breath, and Coneflower.

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