Designscapes Colorado Nominates Six Team Members for U.S. Permanent Residency

One of our core values is to “Build and Shape a Better Future” for our local community and within our team. This year, we implemented a program to progress the future for some of our valued leaders in the field. Our “Step Up” program will help some of our legal H2B visa employees become legal U.S. permanent residents. These six team members hard work, dedication, and leadership will continue to contribute to Designscapes Colorado’s future.

We opened up our “Step Up” program to all H2B team members who have been with us for years, and with 147 H2B workers this year, we were overwhelmed with highly qualified, motivated, and hard working applicants. Through the difficult selection process, the management team decided to increase the candidate nomination number from four team members to six. Though this comes at an increased cost to the company, working with our team to “Build and Shape a Better Future” took priority over the increased expense. Designscapes Colorado is proud to announce the following team members for their nomination to obtain permanent residency: Ignacio Soto Vargas, Cesar Aguilar Martinez, Joaquin Leon Lopez, David Flores Ramirez, Fidencio Rojas Gomez, and Efren Garcia Hernandez.

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