Designscapes Colorado Celebrates 25 Years

On Monday, September 25th, Designscapes Colorado hosted our 25th anniversary. With our team slowly growing from just the founders and a pickup truck, we have grown to a full service landscape design, install, and maintenance company. With 4 teams focusing on separate aspects of the industry, we now employ close to 250 employees.

More than 20% of our team of these 250 people have stuck around with us for more than 15 years, and we couldn’t be more proud of what our team has done over the last 25 years.

Team Photo

To show our appreciation, and to celebrate our company’s success, we went all out for our event. 5 food trucks were brought in, a soccer field and beach volleyball court were built, a dunk tank was brought in. But the true highlight of the event was the jumbotron. Our in house video editor created a short film to highlight our history, and to give thanks to our people. With every single employee in the company on the video, interviews of current employees, and a completely bilingual presentation, the video was a huge success!

Take a look at it here, and if you see one of our guys out working, be sure to congratulate them on 25 years of success!


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