Designing an English Garden

English gardens are a common design preference for many people. They are designed to look like they were grown in England, with a some-what wild flower filled cottage garden. They’re often thought of as charming and romantic and their natural feeling brings out a lot of character to any landscape! They’re very versatile and thrive here.

  • What plants would be great to incorporate? Then Phil will know that the camera is back on them and he can show viewers a few great selections for plants to use.
  • Are there any other accessories that would be good to use? Phil will go over elements such as benches, water features, stepping stones, etc. Phil will have a couple examples of elements for the viewers to see. Maybe a fun garden gnome too!
  • Can annuals be used? Yes, annual color is great for any spaces that need filling and for great color all season. Pansies, violas, and dianthus would be great considerations to include.

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