Columns & Coffee with ICAA


ICAA – RM Columns & Coffee tour

This Saturday, Phil Steinhauer, Holly Terry and Char Farley (front row bottom from immediate left to right) with Designscapes Colorado was happy to participate in the Columns & Coffee “Sacred Spaces” tour of Christ the King Chapel (St. Elizabeth’s Retreat).

Tom Matthews & Chad Cox (Co-Chairs of Columns & Coffee) sent out this description out following the tour “the English-influenced architecture of Christ the King chapel in the Highland neighborhood.  We would like to especially thank Sister Jackie Leech of Centura for sharing this jewel with us, and for giving of her time among her many duties to lead us on such a delightful tour.  The organ, fluted Corinthian columns, shaped-brick arches, mosaic floors, carved altarpieces, and fine European stained glass windows were a pleasure to experience in a relaxed setting amid such a strong turnout.  This year’s focus on ‘Sacred Spaces’ has concluded on a high note, you all will agree!”

It was exciting to see many new faces last Saturday, and we encourage everyone to join Columns & Coffee  in 2014 as we focus on ‘Residential’, sponsored by Gerretson Realty Co.

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