Christmas Blessing – Spiritual Landcapes

Christmas is here and it is time to give thanks for all the absolution we received in the year 2016.  Never forgetting the essence of the holidays and always giving back to those in need; that is the spirit of Christmas.

What we define as “giving back” can take place in more than a tangible form.  Giving back includes the positive energy exchange we give a stranger with a smile or the mental hug we give a little child that explodes with excitement over even the smallest gift you given to them.  Giving back in a spiritual form provides a priceless reward that no gift can ever outlast.

Spirituality is not religious in a formal sense it has been experienced in numerous non-religious contexts such as nature, mediation and ghostliness as well as within religious framework.

It is our own level of spirituality and connectivity to our planet that construct award winning architectural designs otherwise known as “creations”. Having the ability to imagine, design and implement is a phenomenal act of spiritual forces and is a custodian gift we can all be thankful for.

Natural landscapes reflect the metamorphosis that represents and exemplifies the generated temperament of the spiritual faith currently residing.

A great writer name George Bataille’s was quoted:

“Nothing, as a matter of fact, is more closed to us than this animal life from which we are descended.  Nothing is more foreign to our way of thinking than the earth in the middle of the silent universe and having neither the meaning that man gives things, nor the meaninglessness of things as soon as we try to image them without the consciousness that reflects them. (1922:20)

A Theory of Religion – 1989

Sacred Lands

What is sacred land?

Any geophysical or geographical area or feature which is sacred by virtue of its traditional cultural, religious significant or ceremonial use.

Most sacred sites around the world all are associated with features of the natural environment and have many ties to rituals and practices.  One aspect, recognized as a spiritual function, is having a palpable and special energy or power which is clearly discernible from that of a similar landscape or surrounding.

This is a special place where relationships, both interpersonal and throughout the whole community can be expressed and affirmed.  Sacred lands are the latter result of spiritual landscaping.

Need help finding something to be thankful for?

This Christmas take some time to reflect on the blessing nature has provided us.  How we continuously have connectivity through place, time and spirit.  The greatness we have all contributed to this land we share through different levels of spirituality and appreciation of your opportunity to exist in this time and age.

Thanks for supporting us in 2016.  We will resume blogs on January 3, 2017.

Merry Christmas from Designscapes Colorado; May Each Year Always Be Better Than The Last.


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