Channel 7: Spring Flowering Shrubs & Their Perennial Pairings

Right now we see beautiful plants displaying bright blooms of color around town!  Most of us think of the common spring flowering shrubs such as Lilacs and Forsythia but, there are so many others to choose from.  Phil will be showing us some different types of shrubs to consider planting and perennial suggestions that go well together.  The shrubs have many different attributes that make them fantastic such as their foliage, their flower color, and some are even fragrant!

Phil will have the following flowering shrubs on display:

  • ‘Red Prince’ Wiegela
  • ‘Rumba’ Wiegela
  • ‘Clove’ Currant
  • Pink Flowering Quince
  • Boulder Raspberry
  • ‘Blue Velvet’ Honeysuckle

Additionally, Phil will have perennial pairings with the shrubs as a “design tip” for our Channel 7 viewers!  These will help people with ideas for “specimen plantings” in their yard.

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