Channel 7: Selecting a Christmas Tree and How to Care for a Living Tree

The weekend after Thanksgiving is traditionally when most people buy their Christmas trees.  Some people will go to a Christmas Tree Farm and others go to tree lots or retail garden centers.

How do you shop for a fresh Christmas Tree?

  • Know the space and height restrictions that you can put a tree (i.e.  Is your ceiling 10′ tall and your space in front of the window only 4′ wide?)
  • Get informed on the different types of trees available (Cut trees: Douglas Fir vs. Spruce versus a live tree)
  • Choose a tree that is green and has the fewest amount of brown needles
  • Make sure that the needles are resilient – gently tug a branch of the tree, most of the needles should stay in tact
  • Avoid trees that have a gray or bluish tint – this can be a sign of dryness
  • Look at the base of the tree and make sure it’s straight so that it’ll fit into the tree stand
  • Inspect for insects
  • Have the tree lot give you a “fresh cut” off the base of the tree to help with water absorbtion
  • When you get the tree home:
    • Make sure it’s away from heat sources such as heaters, tvs, and fireplaces
    • Get the base in water right away

Consider setting the tree up with a tree removal bag waiting at the base of the tree under your decorative skirt and around the stand, that way when you are ready to dispose of the tree all you have to do is pull up the trash bag over the tree.  This reduces time and mess!

Home remedies and suggestions for preserving Christmas tree life are as varied as the people who share them. These remedies include vodka, 7-Up, crushed aspirin and more. Many of the chemicals specifically designed to preserve Christmas tress and cut plants do work. Others do not. The advice of the National Christmas Tree Association is to pick a fresh tree and keep it well watered with plain old tap water.

There are different varieties of trees to choose from when you’re out shopping for trees.  For example, some popular tree varieties in Colorado to choose from are Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Douglas Fir and Colorado Blue Spruce.  Phil will have a couple different examples to show on tree varities.

Phil will also discuss the option of purchasing a live Christmas Tree and then how to care for during and after the holidays.  Many people like to purchase a live tree and then plant it in their yard in honor of their family.

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