Channel 7: New & Great Annuals

Now is the time to start thinking about what annuals you’ll want to plant in your annual beds and pots.

Phil will show some examples of the newest & greatest varieties released for planting.

His examples may include:

  • Alyssum “Clear Crystal Mix” or “Clear Crystal White”
  • Dianthus “Supra Red”
  • Lobelia “Hot Tiger”
  • Nasturtium “Banana Split Yellow”
  • Petunia “Picobella Mix”
  • Ptilotus Joey
  • Torenia “Torrie Blue”
  • Zinnia “Zahara Yellow”

Typically, the best time to plant your annuals is after the last frost.  This is usually around Mother’s Day here in Colorado (May 10th this year).  If there is going to be a chance for frost after you plant your annuals, be sure to get out there and get them covered.

Annuals you can plant now if you are anxious that can handle a little of the cooler weather:  Geraniums, Petunias, Salvia, Nicotiana, Trailing Verbena, and Snapdragons.

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