Channel 7: How to Make Your Old Yard Look Like New Again! Part 3

Last week we talked about transplanting and cutting out new beds to make room for your new plants.  Today, we’re going to provide some tips to help you make your decision on what to plant.

Phil is going to bring in some plants that would work in a typical foundation planting to provide year-round interest and color as well as, offer some basic design tips for planting.

Tips for designing your Garden:

  • Choose your plant palette:  Include seasonal interest with flowering shrubs, evergreen plants, and plants with vibrant fall color.
  • Layer your Plantings:  Install taller plantings against the foundation, fence or wall and add low growing shrubs or groundcover in front for extra interest.
  • Plant in groupings. Remember the golden rule of 3’s, 5’s and 7’s.  For continuity repeat some of your groupings.
  • Be water-wise when you plant:  Put plants that have the same water needs together to avoid over/under watering.
  • Mulch provides the finishing touch to your beds.  Choose a mulch that blends with the house, natural wood mulch provides a neutral look and retains moisture in the soil and minimizes weed growth.

Next week:  We will discuss finishing touches for the 4th and final segment of the How to Make an Old Yard Look New Again”.  Phil will bring in some annual pots and show the viewers how to put the final touches on their landscape.

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