Channel 7: How to Make Your Old Yard Look Like New Again! Part 2

Quick and Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Front Plantings

  • Start with a basic clean-up (which includes raking up leaves and any winter die back)
  • To examine existing plants and beds
    a.  Are plants healthy?
    b.  Is  the bed crowded and overgrown?
    c.  Are the beds wide enough?
    d.  Are plants boring or lack interest?
  • After examination, decide on what plants you’re keeping
  • After examination, decide which are:
    a.   Keepers – look great and thriving (trees and large specimen shrubs)
    b.  Movers – healthy, but overgrown existing spot (transplanted before leaves emerge)
    c.  Dumpster or compost pile – overgrown or outdated after pruning or transplanted
  • Cut in your new bed lines
    a.  Layout your new bed w/ a garden hose or commercial marking paint
    b.  Keep in mind to keep bed simple w/o too many curves
    c. Bold curves will make it look more natural and professionally designed
    d.  Straight lines need to be parallel to foundation or walk
  • Remove sod and install edging
  • Set plants in bed before planting

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