Channel 7: How to Make Your Old Yard Look Like New Again! Part 1

Living in Colorado has yet one more advantage over other places, we have ideal growing conditions for growing sod/turf grass.  We have cool nights and warm days which support healthy lawns.  A lawn is not only beautiful, but it also helps keep us cool.  However, it is the most labor intensive design element of the landscape.

Now, “less is more” when it comes to lawns.  Kentucky Bluegrass is not native to our semidaird climate but, it does well here.  It requires a lot of water during the summer but, it is tough and goes dormant to survive without water over long periods of time.

Some tips for caring for your lawn:

  • Aeration – Needs to be done in both spring and fall.  This opens up soil to improve air and water movement and stimulate side growth for thickening.
  • Mowing – Don’t mow too much off the top during any mowing.  Remove only 1/3 of the blad each time.  This prevents scalping and maintains root growth.  Also, a mulching mower is good because it recycles the nutrients to the turf below.
  • Thatch Management – This is the layer of dead and living roots, stems, and blades that accumulate on the surface.  Some think that leaving the clippings on top after mowing causes thatch accumulation.  This isn’t true.
  • Renovation – If your turf needs rejuvenation, you can do this by topdressing or by overseeding.  Topdressing  is when you apply a thin layer or compost and it helps improve the soil quality of mature lawns.  Overseeding increases turf density.
  • Fertilization – Now is the time to apply your pre-emergent fertilizer to prevent that unwanted crabgrass.  Your spring fertilization application will be high in nitrogen to get your lawn greened up in a hurry.


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