Channel 7: How to Make a Bird Feeder from a Gourd and How to Pick a Pumpkin

Now is the time to share fall’s bounty with the birds!  Phil and Bertha will demonstrate to the viewers how to make an easy bird feeder from a gourd, squash, or pumpkin!  This is a fun activity for all ages and the birds will appreciate the extra goodies!

Additionally, with the wonderful weather expected this weekend, many people may be going to the Pumpkin Patch (Denver Botanic Gardens location near Chatfield is a great one!) to pick their Halloween pumpkins or for fall decorating.

Phil will show different types of pumpkins – they come in different varieties and colors.  He will also go over some tips for selecting a “good” pumpkin, carving them, including some tools and techniques, and how to keep them looking their best a little longer.

Selecting the Perfect Pumpkin:

  • Pick one that is flat and doesn’t roll
  • Make sure there are no bruises
  • If it is extremely heavy or “sloppy” sounding from the inside, pick a different one
  • A strong, sturdy stem shows signs of a strong, sturdy pumpkin
  • Check to make sure there are no puncture wounds – these will begin to rot
  • Bigger is better for ease of difficult pattern cutting

Tips to Preserve Your Pumpkin:

  • Put it in a bucket of cold water
    • If it’s carved already, put the carved side face down so that it’ll float up with water (to help keep it firm)
    • A little bit of bleach in the water will delay mold from forming
    • If your pumpkin shrivels, put it in water for 1 – 8 hours
    • Once you pull it out of the water, dry it off immediately to prevent mold formation
  • Put a thin amount of petroleum jelly on the exposed edges (reduces water loss)
  • Spray the pumpkin with a plant mister to help prevent water loss

How to Make a Bird Feeder from a Gourd
Materials Needed:

  • (1) Gourd
  • Bailing Wire
  • (2) 5/8″ Dowel pieces approximately 6″ longer than your gourd’s width
  • Power drill w/ 5/8″ drill bit
  • Pruners to cut dowel
  • Bird Seed


  • Take a gourd and hollow it out
  • Cut the gourd in half, horizontally
  • With the bottom half of the pumpkin, drill 4 holes approximately 1″ below the rim of the gourd half (for example, one hole every quarter of the gourd, so that you end up with 2 sets of holes exactly opposite of each other)
  • Insert the dowel through one set of holes so that a few inches sticks out on each side so the bird can perch and eat seed, cut off excess dowel
  • Insert the other dowel piece through the other set of holes (you should have a cross effect with the dowel pieces now and 4 potential perchs for birds)
  • Insert the bailing wire to make a hanger and hook
  • Hang outside
  • Fill with birdseed

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