Channel 7: Holiday Lighting

It’s hard to believe that it’s this time of year already.  With the mild weather we’ve been having recently, this is a great time to do your holiday lighting!

Phil will discuss the latest in the industry trend:  LED lights!

If your lights are getting old and worn out, this is the year you should consider “going green” and converting to a LED (Light Emitting Diode) system.  LED systems are proven to reduce energy costs by 80-90%, are more durable, and have an extremely long life span.  Lighting designs are no longer limited by the power you have in your yard.  The benefit is being able to run a string of lights 1/2 mile long from a single electrical socket.  They are expensive but, the energy savings over the lifespan of the LED systems makes up for their initial costs.

We recommend to the viewers to hire a professional for installation and use of commercial grade products.

Phil will demonstrate the different options when it comes to size of bulbs, colors, and varieties for LED holiday lighting systems!

Here are some tips for viewer’s who wish to do-it-themselves:

  • Make sure the lights and extension cords are for outdoor use
  • Make sure that the number of strings being used are appropriate and won’t overload any circuit
  • Check to make sure that all the lights are working prior to hanging
  • Don’t use any with broken lights or frayed wires
  • Have a helper to be safe!  Someone needs to hold the ladder and encourage moving the ladder more often.

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