Channel 7: Grow a Memory

A creative way to remember your loved ones is by starting a “Memory Garden”.  Pick a space in your yard to dedicate to special memories in your life.  It could be to symbolize a birth, a death, or an anniversary.

For example, if your daughter was born in June, plant a Rose.  Or another approach could be is if her initials are CAF, you could plant a Coneflower, a Aster, and a Forget-me-not.

Here are the plants of the months:

  • January – Carnation
  • February – Violet
  • March – Daffodil
  • April – Daisy
  • May – Lily of the Valley
  • June – Rose
  • July – Larkspur
  • August – Gladiolas
  • September – Aster
  • October – Calendula
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Narcissus

In addition to flowers, there are trees that are symbolic of months and each State has it’s own tree.

Be creative!  Your memories of special people will be different.  In one of our previous episodes, we discussed dividing and sharing of your plants with friends and family.  This could be just the spot where you plant your plant gift from your special person.

Leave enough space in between plants so they can grow!

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