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“How to Plant a Pesto Pot”

Brief introduction about Basil/Pesto

  • Most cooks agree – it’s a MUST HAVE herb
  • Good for marinades, salads, soups, and key for Pesto
  • Pesto comes from the word pestel – how it was first made, by crushing together in a mortar and pestle
  • Common varieties of Basil
    • i.e.   ‘Sweet’ – not really sweet, mild tasting, common for Pesto
    • ‘Spicy Globe Bush’ – considered best for Pesto
    • ‘Cinnamon’ or ‘Licorice’ – very sweet, not spicy
    • ‘Lemon’ – strong citris flavor and good sub for lemon in recipes
  • Both green and purple colors (nice contrast planted together)

Demonstration of How to Plant the Pot

  • Planter, soil, plants

How to Grow Basil in Pots or Garden Beds

  • Things to consider – annual here in colorado
    • full sun, watering, fertilizer (safe for consumption)
  • Helpful tips
    • Treat it like a crop, min. 6 hrs. sun
    • Need to be watered every 2-3 days, more when temps are above 90′
    • Plants that are allowed to droop in the heat will have poor quality leaves and invite insects
    • Plant close together to help conserve water and space
  • Harvest by pinching growing tips or leaves
    • Good when plants are about 12″ tall

Download Pesto Recipe

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