Channel 7: Edible Potted Gardens 2010

How about growing your own vegetables and herbs this season?  This is a convenient and cost saving way to enjoy your own fresh foods.  Salad greens and edible flowers provide beauty AND function.  When you want to use them – simply cut, pinch, or tear some off for your salad or culinary needs!  These also make great gifts!

Phil will show examples of items to include in your pots.

Cool season selections include: kale, lettuce, arugula, and violas.

Warm season selections include: herbs, strawberries, pansies, nasturtiumns, mustard greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini plants.

Tips: Select plants that have similar light and water requirements.  Fertilize regularly with a good all – purpose fertilizer specifically for vegetables.

Flowers that are safe to eat (be sure to wash the blooms if you get from a nursery or florist):  borage, chives, daylilies, nasturtiums, pansies, calendula, roses, summer and winter squash blooms, and violas.

If you don’t know what the flower is – don’t eat them!  Don’t eat:  daffodils, foxglove, lilies other than daylilies, morning glories, peonies, ponsettias, or tulips!

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