Channel 7: Edible Potted Gardens 2009

How about growing your own vegetables and herbs this season?  This is a convenient and cost saving way to enjoy your own fresh foods.  Salad greens and edible flowers provide beauty and function.  When you want to use them – simply cut, pinch, or tear some off for your salad or culinary needs!

Phil will show examples of items to include in your pots.

Cool season selections include:  kale, lettuce, & violas.  Warm season selections include:  herbs, strawberries, pansies, nasturtiums, mustard greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini plants.

Tips:  Select plants that have similar light and water requirements.  Fertilize with a good all-purpose fertilizer specifically for vegetables.

These also make great gifts!

Flowers that are safe to eat (be sure to wash the blooms if you get from a nursery or florist):  Borage, Chive blooms, Daylilies, Nasturtiums, Pansies, Calendula, Roses, Summer and Winter Squash blooms, and Violas.  If you’re not sure what your flower is – don’t eat them!

Don’t eat:  Daffodils, Foxglove, Lilies other than Daylilies, Morning Glories, Peonies, Poinsettias, or Tulips.

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