Channel 7: Building a Great Hanging Basket

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this is a great idea for Mom or for yourself!  Add some annual color to the patio with a hanging basket.

Phil and Bertha will plant a wire hanging basket with summer annuals.  This will be a fun demonstration for the viewers to see how easy, fun, and beautiful their own hanging baskets can be!

Considerations for picking your flowers – make sure that you pick the right flowers for your location (shade loving vs. sun loving plants).  Because this is a hanging basket, you’ll want flowers or foliage that has a good “trailing” habit.  Choose flowers with a few colors for the most visual impact!  Baskets with greenery (plants that don’t flower) add a nice softness and fullness to your basket.  Examples of great trailing flowers for your baskets:  Wave Petunias, Lobelia, Calibrachoa, Sweet Potato Vine, Vinca Vine, Trailing Verbena, and Bacopa.

Step 1  – Pick what size container you would like.  Keep in mind, the smaller the basket, the more often you’ll have to water!

Step 2 – Insert a liner.  Liners can be made out of Spagnum Moss, Cocoa Liner, Supamoss, or Burlap.

Step 3 – Put in a base layer of potting soil of 4 – 6″.

Step 4 – Cut the liner and start planting!  Continue planting and adding soil as you fill the basket.

Step 5 – Plant the top portion of the basket.

Step 6 – Hang and water!

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