Channel 7: Blooming Plants for Indoor Color

As we’re approaching the end of January and spring still a couple months away, the gardener’s soul is anxiously awaiting some color!  A simple way to liven any part of your home is with a blooming plant.  Local nurseries, grocery stores, and floral shops have great supplies right now.  Relieve the wintertime blues with some color!  And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, here are some considerations:

As a general rule, water once a week and provide bright, indirect light!

  • Bromeliad: Bright colored foliage that lasts for months.  Water into the center “cups”.  They like bright light and humidity.
  • Kalanchoe: Extremely easy to grow, bloom with clusters of small, upright flowers typically in yellow, red, orange or pink.  They light bright light and sufficient water.
  • Azalea: Love bright light and cool temperatures.  Keep soil moist and provide extra humidity.  Likes acidic fertilizer.
  • Peace Lily: Beautiful white flower above dark, glossy leaves.  Easey to grow and blooms last for weeks.  Likes warmth and filtered light.
  • Cyclamen: Heart-shaped leaves with beautiful flowers in shades of pink, red, or white.  Easy to grow and re-blooms with little TLC.
  • Primrose: Bold flower blooms in red, purple, yellow, or pink.  Smaller plant, less than 8″ tall or 8″ wide.
  • African Violet: Profuse flowering habit, be careful with watering, likes high humidity and indirect light.  Can bloom year-round.
  • Orchid: Largest group of plants in the world.  Dazzling variety of colors and shapes.  Blooms can last an extremely long time.
  • Begonia: These are tough, undemanding, and a good flowerer.

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