An orchard on Arbor Day to expand the garden at Clayton Early Learning

At Designscapes Colorado, Arbor Day reminds us of our indefinite commitment to make a more beautiful and healthy environment for all. Since 1992, we have planted over 75,000 trees. One large tree can supply a days worth of oxygen for up to four people, as well as food.

In addition to maintaining the vegetable gardens at Clayton Early Learning, on Arbor Day, we planted half a dozen fruit trees. While we planted with the students and faculty, students were able to understand where their foods come from. Bowls of fruit to match the trees that were planted were sampled and savored by the students.

As professionals in the green industry, we have the knowledge and opportunity to educate students, so they can make healthier food choices throughout their lives.

To read more about our Arbor Day planting, click here.

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