ALCC Sustainable Partner Press Release

For Immediate Release: June 10, 2013

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Designscapes Colorado is Sustainable Landscape Partner

DENVER, CO – The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) has announced the formation of the Sustainable Landscape Partner program and that Designscapes Colorado is among the charter program partners.  These companies promote sustainable approaches to landscape design, installation and maintenance.

“Our commitment to sustainable practices not only raises public awareness, but actually improves the quality of our landscape services,” says company owner, Phil Steinhauer.

Designscapes Colorado embraces ALCC’s recently published, Green Strategies for Colorado Landscapes, which provide guidelines for sustainable practices. The Sustainable Landscape Partner program is open to ALCC members who undergo training and who practice sustainable landscape concepts.

“Years of drought conditions in Colorado have raised consumer awareness of water use.  The Green Strategies not only promote sustainable landscape practices which we follow, but are a user’s manual for our clients.” says Phil Steinhauer.

A well-designed landscape can cost less to build and maintain by consuming fewer resources.  Sustainable landscape principles help consumers reduce the environmental footprint their yard creates and maximize the environmental benefits.  Sustainable guidelines focus on making landscapes harmonious with the natural conditions in Colorado while conserving water and energy, reducing waste, nurturing healthy soils, employing responsible insect and disease control practices, and preserving wildlife habitat.

The Green Strategies are consistent with other sustainable industry practices including the seven principles of Xeriscape and the Green Industries of Colorado’s Best Management Practices.

Designscapes Colorado believes that as they promote and follow sustainable landscape practices, they can help sustainably-oriented property owners achieve the same level of “green solutions” for their landscapes as they do for their structures.

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