A.L.C.C. Day of Service: Designscapes Colorado Giving Back to the Community

Connor, our Residential Construction and Maintenance intern, instructing high school students on how to properly care for a landscape.

On Thursday, April 27th, a community of landscapers gathered at Green Mountain High School to give back to the community. The event, directed by the A.L.C.C. (Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado), was a huge success. Several companies participated and brought over 30 volunteers to help teach high school students about the landscape industry. The project included several components, and the overall goal was to build an outdoor learning center for the students participating in the Career Pathways program.

The project, which is set to be completed in phases, included:

  • 8 raised garden planter boxes
  • A (mini) orchard
  • Improved drainage with a dry creek bed
  • Space for a chicken coop
  • Irrigation updates
  • A meandering walkway throughout the project
  • An outdoor seating area/classroom

With so much to do, and only one day to do, the team of dedicated industry professionals got to work quickly utilizing a variety of donated materials and pieces of equipment. The students involved in the project were eager to help out, and more importantly, learn!

Designscapes Colorado is committed to being an active member in the community, and our team continues make this a reality by participating in events such as this.

Mid-day progress.


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