Air Plants Are a Unique Addition

Air plants (also known as Tillandsia) make a unique addition to any home or landscape (during the right temperatures).

These are great plants for anyone, especially those that might not necessarily have a green thumb!  What I like most about them is that they don’t require soil to grow so, they are a very low maintenance plant.  They only need moderate light and to be soaked in water once a week.

With that being said, Bertha Lynn ( and I are going to show our wonderful viewers today on the 11:30 news some examples of air plants, how to care for them and some creative ways to display them.

Here are some helpful tips on Air Plants (information from

When you purchase a new air plant, soak in water (submerged) for 20 minutes, shake off excess water and plant in a location with good light.

Don’t put in a place where they will get more than a couple hours of direct sun.

Feel free to mist them occassionally with a water spray bottle.

Wrinkled or rolled leaves are signs they need watering more often.

They like to be in locations between 50 and 90 degrees F.

For the best health, fertilize with a Bromeliad fertilizer once a month between March and October.  Fertilization isn’t necessary but, will help with the best reproduction or blooming capabilities.

Trim off any dead or dried up leaves.  You won’t hurt them!

Get creative with displaying them!  You can put them on anything or in different types of containers.  You can hang them from fishing line, use hot glue on the base to adhere them to something else or use a piece of wire. 

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