5 Ways That Landscape Design Can Boost Your Home's Safety

Keep home safety in mind while planning your landscape. Security professionals and law enforcement often recommend environmental safety measures for homes. A few strategic design decisions in your landscape could provide the deterrent needed to make a potential home invader rethink their ploy.

1. Reduce Hiding Spots
Avoid big hedges around the front of your property. Don't plant large shrubs near windows or entryways where potential intruders might hide. Be sure neighbors or passersby can see any suspicious activity.

2. Use Noisy Ground Cover
Gravel on pathways and in areas near windows can amplify the sound of footsteps on your property. Trespassers might reconsider their course of action if they know they can be heard. 

3. Place Low, Thorny Plants Near Entryways
Prickly plants like roses or yucca can deter an intruder seeking to enter through a window.

4. Light Up The Night
Well-placed LED lighting can add cost-effective curb appeal and shine a light on those who consider to break-in. Place motion-activated lights in dark corners.

5. Hide Your Tools
Keep ladders, shovels and landscape tools locked up when not in use. 

Choose plants and features that make your landscape look good and protect your home. Let's design a safe landscape for your home together! Contact our design team to get started.
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