2015 Reflections from Designscapes Colorado

Welcome to the Designscapes Colorado 2015 Company Reflections.

2015 was an extremely triumphant year for Designscapes with lots of awards, career training and recruitment as well as exciting company events.

Check out how exceptional our year went!


Designscapes CEO/President Philip Steinhauer (courtesy of David Winger Landscape Photography)

2014 Newman Award of Excellence in Classic & Traditional Design – ICAA

2014 John Garvey Person of the Year

Gabriel Leon – ALCC May/June 2015  MVP


“Elite Elevating Excellence 2015 ” – Gabriel Leon

“Exemplifies Exceptional Contributions Through Involvement,  Leadership and Dedication to Your Company and In The Industry.”


Bar-B-Que Luncheon on the Lawn – Employee Appreciation Bar-B-Que Luncheon on the Lawn included bar-b-que platters, gourmet hot dogs, catered cupcakes and sporting activities.  This event was geared to show appreciation to Designscapes Colorado Employee’s hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Welcoming H2B Workers

Welcoming H2B Workers

H2B Welcoming Luncheon – Welcoming H2B workers to Designscapes Colorado for seasonal landscape employment opportunities.


(left to right) Holly Terry, Brian Breed


Denver Public School 8th Grade Career Day    Career Day was a client and community collaboration to expose youth to career options before they enter high school.






Char Chacon (left) Holly Terry (right)

2015 Women in the Green-San Francisco, CA.  John Deere Landscapes and partnering vendors worked hard preparing for the WIGI conference to provide industry education, breakout classes, keynote speakers and networking dining to enhance continuing growth both professionally and personally in the landscape industry.

(left to right) – Jackie Wilson, Mary Gibb, Sally Bruns, Lindy Dauber












2015 Annual Christmas Party

2015 Annual Christmas Party

2015 Annual Christmas Party – Christmas Potluck Dinner, Secret Gift Exchange and Raffles – Grand Prize winner took home a 60’ LCD Television – Second Place winner took home a Drone!

Holiday Outreach Changed Many Lives

It took a lot of planning for Phil Steinhauer, CEO Designscapes Colorado, Centennial, to pull off the leadership training event for his entire management team one afternoon last December and keep the details a secret from all Designscapes employees. Those who helped Steinhauer make it happen were Nancy Holes, HR Consultant,  coordinator for Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver, and bike techs from Giant Cycling World, Littleton.

What started as leadership training ended up being a heartfelt donation to local kids in need. Steinhauer sorted managers into 14 teams of three. Each trio received an envelope, which remained unopened, and a box containing bicycle parts without instructions. Teams were tasked with building their bicycle, and not all bicycles were the same. Teams who completed assembly helped other teams.

“I was excited to see how this would go with the team, “Steinhauer says. “Their reactions would be spontaneous because no one knew what was going to happen!”

Bicycles were purchased from Giant and because of liability issues, Giant bike techs checked and confirmed that each bike was built to manufacture specs and was safe. Only when all bicycles were built, and 14 children ranging from ages 6 to 13 were brought into the room were teams allowed to open their envelopes to reveal the name of the underprivileged child for whom the bike was built. The kids selected were most in need.

Each team found their child a presented them with a bicycle, helmet and lock. One child was overheard saying to another, “See, I told you we would have Christmas.” Designscapes managers, some in tears, were so moved by this experience that a few days later at Designscapes employee holiday party, they did something different. Rather than everyone chipping in and giving something to Steinhauer, they used the money to make donations in Steinhauer’s name to Dumb Friends League and St. Jude Hospital.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better result for developing a team,” says Steinhauer.



Critical Conversation Leadership Training – Designscapes Management Team attended the “Crucial Conversation – Tools for Talking When Stakes are High” by Stephen R. Covey.

(left to right) Mary Gibb, Jim Carpenter, Travis Sommervold and Rob Massengale


Oscar Chacon – Irrigation

Reginald Cooper – Softscape Installation

Douglas Gibb – Softscape Installation

Garrett Holmes – Softscape Installation and Irrigation

Gabriel Alfredo Leon – Softscape Installation

Chris Stone – Softscape Installation


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