French Country Estate in Castle Pines

Project: Maintenance, Residential
Location: Castle Pines, CO
2010 ALCC EIL Use of Color Award Winner

Incorporating style, function and color are the key elements in designing this gorgeous French Country Estate in Castle Pines, Colorado. A variety of container groupings bursting with annual and perennial color create interest and softens the expansive space around the gravel auto court entrance to the home.

The collections of containers are designed with the fundamental idea of encompassing a traditional French garden style and complimenting the existing landscape. Using a color palette of bright yellows, traditional whites, and deep purples aide in pulling depth into the rustic pottery to create an outdoor sanctuary.

With limited space surrounding the gravel auto court, functionality is crucial in using each container to the fullest of its intentions. Mixing gourmet herbs and vegetables with overflowing perennials and annuals create the space into a practical garden. The homeowner loves to cook with fresh produce utilizing the tomatillos, fresh Roma tomatoes and cascading cucumber plants as key ingredients to an amazing salad. Fresh Rosemary and Spanish lavender sprigs are used in fresh soap creations, as well as accents to common recipes. Towering Basil plants are harvested throughout the summer for use in making homemade pesto.
Showcasing the front of the home, tart Meyer Lemons adorn trees that add structure and height to large containers surrounded by cascading nasturtium, deep purple petunias and clumps of overflowing moonbeam coreopsis. Adding selections of perennial yarrow, dianthus, lavender, and catmint give not only a timed release of color throughout the season but are transplanted within the landscape at the end of the season ensuring continual satisfaction in years to come.

Application of not only a balanced nutrient plan but regulated irrigation is implemented to ensure continual fruits and flowers throughout the season. A fast release liquid fertilizer provides an abundance of phosphorus, while continual deadheading and monitoring the irrigation assist in creating a spectacular display of prolific color and fruit throughout the season.