Designscapes Colorado's Landscape Staff

Phil Steinhauer

CEO and Landscape Architect

In the Industry Since: 1992

With Designscapes Colorado Since: 1992

"Landscape construction is a way to convey taste and style. whether your garden is classic in design or you take an innovative approach, your landscape is not something you buy, you have to create it."

Behind the work of Phil Steinhauer and the design team at Designscapes Colorado is character, heart, and above all a deep appreciation for the land. Mr. Steinhauer approaches design to fit the local environment while blending the home and garden together. Through a hands-on, customer focused approach, Steinhauer thinks about the utilization of native species and local materials to develop sustainable landscapes. He routinely mentors, coaches and trains employees to further develop their skill sets into some of the industry’s best professionals. A primary focus has been placed on creating an exceptional culture of accountability and giving back to the community that has supported the company for over 25 years.