What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Design Company?


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Landscaping is a unique balance of enhancing the natural features outside your home to create an environment that is both attractive and functional.


Trying to self-create these features can generate a multitude of pitfalls you initially might not be pertinent to. Rule of thumb; we makes attempts to do it ourselves but when we want it done right we “Hire an Expert!”


Professional landscapers have exceptional resources that allow you to optimize your dream design and provide you with more options then you could have imaged or even knew existed.  The landscaping industry has technically evolved in many ways.  There are many aspects that only horticulture professional are aware of and can perform.  Knowing when to amend your soils contents, how much and what are the best watering practices and providing healthy plantings that survive harsh conditions are just a few attributes a professional can provide.
Have you ever spend hours on in planting your flowers, gardening, mulching and mowing your grass for it not to look as good as you imaged?  This is due to all the unknown aspects of trying to maintain your own landscaping.  Landscape professionals have many years of experience with a wide range of customers and are familiar with diverse designs and unique concepts.  This can also include acquiring the local jurisdictional restrictions for permitting, knowing what can be allowed if your landscape slopes, being familiar with hardscapes that can either increase your property value or cause property encroachments and most importantly providing amenities that are climate friendly.
Have you ever looked at a home decorative magazine and said to yourself, “I can do that”?  Spa looking over pond and waterfalls


Well, you probably cannot!  But the good news is such a feat can be accomplished by professionals. Tackling a huge landscape makeover is never a good idea.  There is a lot more planning and designing that has to go into the project than expected, not to mention the tools required to implement your ideas.  And NO, there is not an app for this.


Landscape professionals generally offer different types of services to assist you, such as:

– Landscape Design, Maintenance & Construction

– Hardscape Design and Installation

– Pools, Spas and Water Features

– Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits and Fireplaces

– Outdoor Lighting

– Irrigation Systems


We at Designscapes Colorado can provide you with all of these features.  Click the link to get started…


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11 Responses to What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Design Company?

  1. Maggie Allen says:

    I actually had no idea that landscape contractors could also help with the design of outdoor kitchens and hardscapes. My husband and I have been planning on renovating our patio area, but we weren’t sure which type of professional to go to. We’ll be sure to start looking for a contractor near us to take a look at our yard. And while we have one, we could just use the landscaper to help us renovate the rest of our yard as well!

  2. It would be nice to hire a landscaper because they are professionals for a reason. They should be able to do the job better and faster than you. That way you won’t have to spend hours in your yard trying to make it look good. You can leave it to the pros to get it done!

  3. Kate Hansen says:

    I bet hiring a professional landscaper will ensure that all the elements you want to put in your landscape design are cohesive. I like how you point out that landscape designers have many years of experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. I should send this to my husband so he considers hiring one to increase the aesthetics of our backyard!

  4. Rosie Gaudet says:

    I love that landscapers offer to work on everything that concerns your yard! That way you won’t have to worry about decorating the space by adding lighting and kitchen areas. It would be so nice to have someone do that for you, as well as continually maintain it. That way you don’t have to worry about keeping your yard looking nice since they will do it for you!

  5. My husband has pointed out to me that I don’t have much of an eye for design. After we decided to redo our backyard, he suggested we hire a landscaping service to help us figure out what we wanted our backyard to look like. That’s why I like how you point out that professional landscapers have exceptional resources that allow you to optimize your dream design. They probably know much more about soil and grass and how to keep everything alive, so we’ll have to start looking at local services we can hire. Thanks!

  6. John says:

    It makes sense that if you want a professional looking landscape, you should probably hire a professional landscaper. Their experience would be something I would definitely trust over my own. I’d imagine landscapers also have specific tools to help get jobs done a whole lot quicker than you’d be able to by yourself.
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  7. In your article, you stated that professional landscapers have exceptional resources that allow you to optimize your dream design and provide you with more options than you could have imaged or even knew existed. My wife has been wanting to add some landscaping features to our property but doesn’t know what ones will be beneficial. I wonder if there are certain features that might only be beneficial in certain areas.

  8. Lisa Branley says:

    Thanks for the tips. This is very helpful especially for gardens with limited spaces.

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